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TDSS Cloud Service is a flexible and scalable enterprise-grade VSaaS. Easy plug-and-play connection to a 100% web-based, cloud-based, centralized VMS platform for multiple users with all the real AI advantages in real time.



Automatically capture vehicle license plate images, and recognize license plate numbers and letters.

License Plate Recognition


With TDSS Cloud computing it can  identify, capture, and record faces with the inclusion of characteristic analysis like gender, age, and expression as well as eyeglasses, facial hair, and facial masks.

Face Recognition


Numerous objects like furniture, automobiles, and animals can all be identified.

Object/Scene Detection


Real-time statistics can be used to record the number of visitors entering and exiting.

People Counting

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TDSS PUSH module creates a secure, encrypted tunnel between the camera and the cloud over TLS with AES 256 encryption.

No changes to edge device firmware are performed to avoid introducing potential security vulnerabilities. TDSS PUSH module is installed as an add-on on top of the firmware to connect the cameras to TDSS Cloud Platform.


Any stream source, including IP cameras, webcams, and NVRs, can be connected to the cloud platform. Utilize dynamic remote management capabilities to oversee every element of your multi-site video surveillance network.

For TDSS cameras

& others


Object detection, heat maps, face recognition, and other intelligent video analytics add-ons, in addition to camera-side analytics, can be cost-effectively implemented across all cameras by using cloud processing.

Powerful Cloud Analytics


Connect IP cameras and NVRs to the cloud instantly and securely without the need for a complex network format.

Plug & Play Setup

  • Easy to install in minutes

  • No NVR or plug-in required

  • Compatible with iOS and Android

  • Add AI advantages to any camera view


Ideal for multi-site projects

By unifying networks with the cloud platform, it becomes fairly easy to remotely troubleshoot problems and control settings for multiple surveillance sites.


Prevent the use of hubs, bridges, and other unnecessary gateways.

True Cloud Security

and Reliability


This feature is highly beneficial for a service that may involve numerous layers of dealers, end users, and accounts.

Multi-level delegated administration

Multi-site surveillance right in the palm of your hands


Utilize your own data center infrastructure to deploy the TDSS Cloud surveillance platform and scale services to your clients at a cost-effective rate.

Private Cloud for Enterprises


Easily add however many camera systems as you require without the need to alter network configurations.

Easy Scalability

Great RMR for Dealers!

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