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The Power of Culture: Spotlight on our Dynamic hispanic Workforce

There’s something special about being raised in Hispanic culture. Sundays always smell like fresh barbacoa and warm tortillas, birthday parties are always overly loud and crowded, and the only thing that ever comes before school is family. You’re taught from the day you’re born to work hard at what you do, respect your elders, and to count your blessings twice. Above all else, you take pride in your culture and shun anything that suggests shying away from it. This is what it means to be Hispanic. It is something that cannot be imitated because its intricacy, celebration, and unity cannot be replicated.

Toughdog Security Systems is the product of a Hispanic entrepreneur who first opened the company’s doors in a small, but quickly evolving city along the southern border between Texas and Mexico. The business was founded on the essential principles instilled in young people throughout their upbringings in Hispanic culture: hard work, respect, and community. Deeply rooted within us, the core values needed to become successful at what we choose to do or become were planted there by our families and the traditions we grew up in. Although we all have different responsibilities and strengths within the company, we are all cut from the same cloth. Creating and maintaining a safe environment that embraces the inclusion of diversity and the open practice of culture is extremely important for us, especially since we all share a common theme that deserves to be acknowledged.

A Team Effort

Our workplace consists of close to 20 employees who all come from Hispanic backgrounds. Everyone plays a significantly valuable role in the operation of a successful business, no matter how distinctive the task. The guys in the warehouse are responsible for the hands-on assembly and development of the multitude of products Toughdog has to offer its customers. Without them, none of our merchandise could be constructed or distributed. The tech support team has an unparalleled myriad of knowledge about the products and software our company features. They spend their days communicating with our clients and providing exceptional customer service wherever it is needed. Our sales staff thoughtfully guides our customers towards the products that best fit their needs, and the marketing department (a female-run branch of the company) handles the upkeep of the company’s image. Success takes care of itself when everyone is moving forward together. Without a vital piece of this blueprint, our company would never have been able to make such efficient progress in such a short time.

Spreading The Knowledge

In a viable effort to pass our knowledge along to a wider demographic that shares the same ideology, Toughdog recently introduced brand new webinars hosted through Zoom to continue engaging our audience and developing our brand as the best security professionals in the business. These webinars were unprecedented for all other companies in our industry due to the fact that they were presented entirely in Spanish. Each Wednesday in the month of May, we covered an assortment of valuable topics that were suitably handy to all of our consumers. Throughout the month, our top products, like our wireless, cloud, and solar systems, were discussed extensively, and the floor was open for all kinds of questions and subjects to be articulated. It is our goal to expand our target audience to not only include but cater to a superior selection of clients that understand our objectives, ideals, and background as a company. We found tremendous inspiration while doing these webinars to continue integrating our language and culture into the company for many projects to come in the future. For now, our Spanish webinars are being uploaded to our YouTube channel to provide convenient access to all of our product information for our valuable clients.

Perhaps the most notable truth about our culture has to stem from the fact that although we all come from a broad variety of backgrounds, we are constructed of such similar experiences and doctrines. We all make a conscious effort to make our culture a substantial part of our lives and our identities. Being Hispanic isn’t just a badge we wear. It’s who we are and what we’re made of. Here at Toughdog, we are proud to be Hispanic. It’s one of our greatest missions to share this with you and celebrate it together.

Check out our webinars in Spanish being uploaded on our YouTube channel! Click the link below to watch now.


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